Who are you?

  • We are a small family business run by two brothers, Paul & Matthew, that operates out of Hong Kong.

Why buy natural wooden toys?

  • Our imports are wholesome natural toys that engage a child’s active imagination through open ended play, helping them grow naturally with creativity and imagination.  Wooden toys are cherished by children and are aesthetically pleasing to all.

What is mental junkfood?

  • Electronics and overdesigned plastic toys are mental junkfood that promote passive behavior and addiction through over stimulation.

Where are your toys made?

  • Heimess toys are made in Germany, Holztiger figurines are hand carved and hand painted in Europe, and Goki toys are designed in Germany while made in Asia.  These top selling German toys are all imported directly from Guster, Germany.

Talk to me about toy safety.

  • Goki, Heimess & Holztiger toys are made with non-toxic paints safe for babies and children.  Heimess & Holztiger toys are crafted from wood grown in European forests.  All of our toys surpass European safety standards.

What ages are your toys safe for?

  • Please see each toy’s description as it specifically indicates its minimum age as per European safety regulations.  Generally speaking, Heimess toys are made for babies ages 6+ months, Holztiger toys are for children 3+ years, and Goki toys range from babies to big kids.  Regarding Holztiger, the figurines are solid wood and painted with safe non-toxic watercolor paints.  Many mothers find that these toys are wonderful and safe for young toddlers that no longer chew on their toys, although smaller figurines such as the rabbit and piglet should only be given to older children.

How is shipping handled?

  • Our Hong Kong based patrons can enjoy free shipping on all orders over $350 HKD (after discount).  Otherwise, local shipping costs are at a flat rate of $30 HKD.  Our international patrons can ship at a flat rate $200 HKD.

How is payment handled?

  • Payment can easily be made by credit card via PayPal or Stripe.  Patrons in Hong Kong can also make payment via cash on delivery (C.O.D.)

There is a specific toy I would like but you do not have listed on your website, can you order it for me?

  • We are happy to handle special orders, please contact us at hello@paulmatthews.co and we will see what we can do.